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Godrej New Hit Cockroaches Spray

৳ 290.00

Most of us, who use regular solution (boric powder, chalk) to get rid of the cockroaches, often complain that it is impossible to kill the cockroaches, which are hidden in difficult corners and cervices of the kitchen/bathroom. Therefore we simply ignore them. For eliminate the menace caused by cockroaches, Red HIT, with its unique formulation and nozzle design, flushes out the cockroaches & kills them. Red HIT has a special Seek ‘n’ Kill Applicator which delivers the spray to even the remotest cracks and crevices where cockroaches hide. With Red HIT, No cockroaches for 6 weeks.

* Lal HIT Instantly Kills disease spreading cockroaches

*Its unique ‘Seek and Kill’ applicator/nozzle guides the spray into places where cockroaches are hiding

* Spray inside the kitchen sink outlet, wash basin outlet, cracks and corners of the kitchen

* Just spray for 3 sec in each location and see all the hidden cockroaches dead

Godrej New Hit Cockroaches Spray


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